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Farm Stand

Open Daily 10-6





Ice Cream Stand

School Hours:
Mon. - Thurs. 12-7
Fri. - Sun. 12-8

Weather dependent. 
  If it is raining or very cold, we will close at 6 with farm stand. Call ahead if you are questioning the weather


  What's New?  

Our own corn is in.
Lettuce, peppers, cukes, squashes, broccoli, beans, radishes and eggplant
Local peaches and blueberries



Pies, bakes breads, meats, cheeses and baked goods.



Free Range Eggs

(Available throughout the year)


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Where are we Located?
1 Main Street (Route 202 South)
Antrim, NH 03440

603 588-2020




Our Pledge to Valued Customers

Locally grown products taste best and are better for you, so just forget the rest.  Here at Tenney Farm, we are committed to providing the freshest products at a reasonable price.  We take the time to listen to our customers and try to give them what they want.  Sometimes we get it wrong but as time has shown we are listening and staying in step with what the public wants.  We appreciate our customers, willing to hear what they have to say and try to answer questions the best way we can.