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History Of Our Farm
Our farm was first started back in 1775 by the Baldwin Family. Back then it was all about dairy. When Stanley and Beverly Tenney bought it, they continued with dairy cattle. They had about 60 in their herd. As time past, their sons Eric and Mark got older, with the market for dairy declining. Eric and Mark thought about what would be beneficial to the farm? In 1970, when Eric got out of the Navy, along came with introduction of farm fresh produce. Not in a large quantity mind you, they continued with the dairy cattle until 1972 (keeping the beef cattle). The first farm stand was opened in 1970 in the barn on Route 202. Greenhouses were put up in 1974 which brought the introduction of bedding plants to Antrim. In 1978, the current farm stand was built. An apple cider press was built into the existing barn on Depot Street (where our” real thing” juice was started). The cider mill is now located below the farm stand, all are welcome to take a look when we are pressing. In the early 80’s, the cattle were taken to market and all of the energy was geared towards the greenhouses and fields. The family decided to try the florist business in 1983. Linda (Eric’s wife) and Mark, along with some local people worked many hours creating beautiful arrangements. With the next generation coming to age with new ideas, Crista (Eric & Linda’s daughter) and her husband Chris, came back from service in the Marines to add some zest to the farm. In 2000, we added an ice cream stand to the existing farm stand. We sell delicious all natural ice cream, hot dogs, fresh squeezed lemonade, and other yummy snacks! In the farm stand we also added many made in New Hampshire products. We have everything from freshly grown produce, freshly homemade pies (using our seasonal fruits), local breads, smoke house meats and cheeses, dried herbs, jams, jellies, relishes, pickles, pottery mugs/bowls, maple syrup &candy, coffee, and so much more!


Eric and Linda Tenney stay very active in the farm. Eric has many old tricks to fixing things and without a doubt knows his way around a tractor. He still spends time on tractors but now likes to talk to customers about vegetable plants and how to get people's gardens going. During the summer he spends a majority of his time doing our deliveries to our wholesale customers. Linda when not working as a elementary school librarian, works in the farm stand. Her knowledge of perennials, herbs, and how to make a flower garden that is right for you is her expertise. During the summer she can be found in the stand or out with her grandson (a favorite time for her).


Linda Tenney

Crista and Chris Salamy work at different ends of the farm most of the time. Crista is in charge of the farm stand (making sure there is a wide variety of products available to the customers). Chris works the fields and greenhouses. Without the fields there would be no product. Together they both manage the ice cream and all its workings.

Crista Tenney Salamy

Chris Salamy

Winston Frater and Aunja Williams both work the fields for us, bringing you all the goodness we have to offer. With their help we can been able to offer our customers, a wide variety of flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Winston Frater and Aunja Williams


Hunter and Jaxon Salamy our family in training work when the mood hits them. They enjoy being part of this live their grandparents had started for them. What more could two boys ask for than fields to run in, fresh fruit and veggies to eat, tractors to ride, ponds to fish, and dirt to roll in.

Hunter and Jaxon with friend out transplanting summer squash.

Crista with Hunter and Jaxon

This truly is the life we have wished for for our children and will continue with all of valued customers support. We are a family in the true sense of the word. We work, play, and count on each other to get things done. We are a true family farm!

Contact Us
We would be excited to have your feedback on Tenney Farm regarding what it is you like and any improvements we should be considering. Please email us your comments to salamys@tds.net.

Telephone: 603-588-2020

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You can now sign up to receive email alerts of significant events at Tenney Farm such as when strawberries are ready to pick, special lectures, when corn comes in and many more. To get on this distribution list simply send an email to salamys@tds.net and put your name in the body of the message. (You can send an email to the same address requesting to be removed from the list.)

We would like to acknowledge that several of the photographs on this web site were taken by Catherine Seiberling Pond and we appreciate her contribution.

1 Main Street (Route 202 South)
Antrim, New Hampshire 03440